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WIP flash: chained by starsailor5

I would say that you did a very nice small animation here.
For Vision, however, I find it very very dark.
Originality, Kirby has indeed been used in these types of animations before, where he is trapped and needs help
I find for a very basic animation, Technique is quite high here.
This animation manages to make a heavy inpact in "Is Kirby gonna die, is Meta knight going to help him, etc".

Over all, a very nicely done animation. I think once you get more expirence and make longer ones, then this little thing here ain't gonna mean as much. But its a great animation none the less.
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starsailor5 Jan 12, 2013  Student Filmographer
Thank you, I know it's a bit dark I could change it and make it a little lighter
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